by Scott Young

The quality of the actions you take determines the quality of your life. Not ideas. Not hopes or dreams. Actions.

Make it Happen! dives deep into the science of execution. How can you figure out what matters most to you and do it consistently? How can you build systems that will allow you to reach not just the goals you have right now, but any you might set in the future? Make it Happen! will equip you with the tools for not only tackling big ambitions, but deeply understanding yourself.

Normally, sessions for Make it Happen! are held once per year. However, those on the waiting list get more frequent opportunities to join. Add your name to the list, and I’ll also send you a free lesson series to start giving you the tools to make things happen in your life.


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JJ Kirkpatrick

JJ Kirkpatrick: "Quit my old job, started a freelancing business, lost 10 lbs, happier than ever!"

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Stacey: "Information presented in the course is immediately applicable to your life!"

"I am no stranger to goal setting courses, but a lot of the ideas were ones I had never heard before."

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James: "The course contains practical steps which help accomplish goals, and also makes goals realistic."

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